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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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again near 60s to seven later on. over to monika. it is friday morning light. (audio difficulty). two thumbs up on the outer loop of the beltway though there is one (audio difficulty) as i said, a disabled vehicle. police know about it on the ramp from the outer loop. back to the maps, no problems to report as you head around the beltway and over to the bw parkway and route 50. and now to a live pick in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 on our sat 50 camera. no robs to report as you head on to 35 and the 14th street
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bridge. good shape across the wilson bridge as well in alexandria. advocates for a group of local sanitation workers equal it union busting. >> they say they are getting fired just because they tried to organize. the company they worked for delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: trash still being picked up in montgomery county. officials have county contractors who are working with the company, so your trash will still be picked up. but right now, we can tell you about 50 employees here have taken to the picket line. our chopper was flying overhead as they were picketing outside of the company here. 50 employees of unity disposal and recycling were picketing.
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it all started when one employee, they believe, was fired unfairly, following talks with the company breaking down. that is when they started to strike. >> these workers had the full protection of workers strike laws. and shouldn't have been able to be fired from this job. they are county residents, a lot of them, they want to work, they are proud to serve. this is a fight for the benefits and they need to take care of themselves and their family. >> the company said uni disposal has been fully servicing its clients and meeting all obligations. while we cannot discuss the specifics of personnel matters we can report we have also provided our employees with competitive wages and benefits.
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we welcome the return of your on you please to active employment and will be contacting them regarding their return. we talked to one of those employees who said he will continue this fight for as long as it takes. mike, andrea, back to you. the parents of ethan sailor say they are going to go to court to try to get justice for their son. you remember ethan is the young man who has down's syndrome. patricia and ron taylor are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the frederick county sheriff's office, the owners of a movie theater where their son died earlier this year. the suit alleges three deputies and operators of the westview cinema violated the civil rights with the american with disabilities act. ethan was forcibly removed from the theater for not having a second ticket to zero dark
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thirty. the suspect in a bizarre incident in montgomery county is in custody. police say the man smashed his car into a curb in bethesda. then he walked to an apartment complex called the avalon, where he broke into an apartment with a woman and child inside. then he got into a second apartment and grabbed a three- year-old boy. officers cornered the suspect in the stairway. the child was not hurt. police are searching for three armed robbers who stole drugs and money from a falls church pharmacy. investigators have released surveillance video from last friday afternoon inside bailey's pharmacy on columbia pike. it shows masked assailants forcing workers into the back and dumping bottles of pills into black plastic bags. one worker was injured when she was sprayed with mace.
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time for another your money report. jessica is off today. we are hoping for green arrows in the united states after mixed results yesterday. most of the major asian markets are up, except for japan. that closed up overnight. the big european markets started the morning in positive territory. the dow fell two points after a disappointing earnings result from ibm and goldman sachs. the nasdaq picked up 24 points to close at a 13-year high there as we look ahead to today, we can expect general electric and morgan stanley to release their third quarter earnings. attention holiday shoppers, j. c. penney is going to open its doors thanksgiving evening. they are hoping to try to get back in the game. last year they opened at 6:00 a.m. friday. so instead they are going to
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move it back to thursday. most of pennies 1100 stores will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, the same time macy's opens. our partners at career builders say many employers prefer to hire workers they already know and career builders suggests apply by the end of this month. cutting edge investors often look to start up in his hopes of their initial funds turning into a whole lot more money. now one company is trying out a similar strategy. except instead of investors, they can pick professional athletes instead. scientists are advising their theories of human evolution after finding a near
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you are looking at the full hunters moon. full tonight and a partial eclipse tonight. nice and clear now. you may run into a wet road or two. sunny and pleasant, a nice night for high school football. temperatures between 65 and 70 this afternoon. right now we turn it over to monika with timesaver traffic. >> no problems heading south, north toward silver spring and beyond into bethesda, all around the beltway right now the lanes are open. back to you. coming up, the wildfire season in australia has starter and -- started early and has already claimed one life.
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dozens of homes have been destroyed, the fires burning across 330 square miles. they have been threatening for days and this morning it is coming true. transit around san francisco is on strike. the two sides have been negotiating for new contracts for sever six months already. the discovery of a single skull may change our understanding of human evolution. the skull, found in the soviet republican of georgia is 1.8 million years old. an palace of the skull has scientists now believing it led to modern humans. it is going to be pretty out. andrea, you can expect a
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we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ welcome back to wusa9 on this friday morning. it is 5:15. a beautiful moon outside.
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you see an eclipse? >> a partial lunar eclipse. it is going to be obscured a little bit on the lower right side. the lunar eclipse has an orange reddish shadow. that max out at 7:50. if you are going to be outside this evening, look up, you'll be able to see that a. and you'll need a jacket. it is going to be cool, but comfortably cool this morning. here's a look at the hunters moon. full hunters moon that will max out actually tonight. 67 by 3:00 after a high close to 70, we will be back to 64 by 7:00 and falling into the 60- degree range by 9:00. in the mid-50s in spots for some of the high school football games. dropping into the mainly 40s
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and low 50ston. gusty winds, gusts of 26 and 20 miles per hour range in the shanendoah valley and western maryland. temperatures down in garrett county. feeling closer to freezing. 60 in cambridge, still mild to the south. 54 in fredericksburg. another look outside aour michael and son weather camera. reagan national reporting clear skies, 58. winds coming down at 6 miles per hour now, dewpoints in the low 40s. we use a dew point sometimes as a forecaster. how cold can it get? when we go toton with calm winds, 49 is not a bad guesstimate. especially when you look at
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detroit and indianapolis. we saw the 50s and 60s on the east comcast sportsnet. there is another front behind it. this is going to come saturday night with maybe a stray shower or two. in the meantime nice and sunny today. generally cleaver today. a few clouds streamington and tomorrow especially north of town. could be a stray shower. >> here comes the front late tomorrow, isolated showers north and west, then it clears out for sunday. the winds will be calming down, 52 with light winds. low 40s, a late shower, one or
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two spots. sunday the redskins host the bears, 63. look at the cool down coming toward the second half of next week. monica assistant, tgif. definitely. we deserve a nice, calming early morning rush hour. howard says just drive, people. manassas into centerville into fairfax. leaving 66 outbound right now, the beltway looks good in springfield. the on the northbound side of i- 95, lanes are open and actually the pace is pretty good. on to 35 on the 14th street bridge. route 4, route 5, route 301.
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it will end with the live look. college park all the way toward georgia avenue. are you looking for a place to invest your money? how about player investment? as in athletes? we'll explain that, coming up. >> isn't that what owners do? plus another of baseball's plus another of baseball's final four moves within one win for the first time ever, i am supporting a democrat for governor. plus another of baseball's final four moves within one win i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor.
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i'm a private businessman in virginia and to me the most important thing in a governor is to help create jobs. i trust terry mcauliffe to work with businesses to help us create the jobs that we need to move virginia's economy forward. and that's why i'm voting for terry mcauliffe.
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colder this morning than at this time yesterday. mainly in the 50s. some close to 60s south and east. as we go through the morning sunny skies, 50s here at 5:00. a really nice, pleasant afternoon, sunshine, highs between 65 and 70. happy friday, everybody. well would you invest in a professional football player? >> a san francisco-based company has come up with a venture where investors can put their money players and they have signed one. texans running back aryan
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foster. the company is giving him $10 million in exchange for 20% of his football salary, endorsement deals. football stuff. in perpetuity, by the way. typically agents get money for stuff like that. last night i spoke to the ceo of the company and asked him whether agents feel this infringes on their territory. he said not exactly. >> our goal is not to activate the brand i.e.get the commercials to put him in or other opportunities, our job is to create the awareness of the brand in the marketplace that then has potential endorsers wanting to activate the brand. so in the industry the sports marketing job is the brand, we are investing in the brand itself to create that value in the market. time to announce the winner
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of the vote. broad run at briarwood, they will be on our high school football show. it is friday, time to turn those lights on. it should be fun. have a great friday, everybody. baseball's league championship series, both of them, will be decided. boston is one run away from heading to the series. the red sox hung on for a 4-3 win and game six of the national league championship series is tonight in st. louis, the cardinals have a 3-2 lead over the dodgers. now federal workers may be insulted by what won't be happening on capitol hill in the next few days. sanitation workers trying to improve their conditions at
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work. it is apparently costing them their jobs. a crash right now closing off route 198 at santini road. here in college park, things are good, i'll have more,
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hello and good morning, happy friday. welcome back to wusa9. i'm andrea roane. friday is not a bad thing to say out loud. >> it is fantastic. >> are we having traffic issues already? >> we are.
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>> fridays take so long to get here. mondays come so fast. the weekend looks good, slight chance of a shower mainly saturday night. tomorrow monika and andrea will be down at the harbor for their diabetes walk. brisk for that. here's a look at our day planner on this friday morning as we look at the near full hunters moon. by lunch time only 63. yesterday we were in the low to mid-70s in spots. this afternoon upper 60s to near 70s, sunny and comfortable. mainly clear tonight. showers overnight, so you may find still a few sidewalks or less traveled roads damp this morning. winds have been gusting at times 20 even 30 miles per hour. temperatures now down mostly in the 50s although yes, 41 in igt county. going to be chilliton.
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monika samtani, happy friday. if you are heading around town for the most part, i think you will be pretty happy, except there is one accident on route 198 west of route 2 at santini road. 18 is closed in both directions at the crash scene. you may have to follow police directions to get around it or choose your alternate route early. if you are just heading out the door, i suggest the ic c. that will be further south but at least you'll avoid the crash scene. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here on 270 no problems in from shady grove road. now we'll go back to the maps and here's 66. manassas into centerville, all lanes are open. we are in good shape on the beltway, and we'll end with a live look on 95 at springfield just slow. back to you andrea and mike?
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it is 5:31, after voting just in time to avoid defaulting on the country's loans the house is in recess until tuesday and the senate isn't coming back to capitol hill for another ten days. >> it was tough and it was a tough grind. as he all know our neighbors and friends hundreds of thousands of federal workers in our region are back on job. many of people going back to work are still worried about the shore term. furloughed workers need to make ends meet until they get their back pay, which comes later this month. >> it will be a very lean christmas. >> it is high time to try and reconcile our differences. negotiators had started to work on a longer-term dealing. both the debt ceiling and the
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rest of the agreement on the budget. also looking for a compromise, the group of local trash workers say they are being let go. then exploit by one of three companies to provide trash service to residents. what is this all about? >> workers are demanding fair wage, and rights to provide for their afamilies they say, they have been working here and our loyal employees, however they say the company is not working with him. and you may remember, about a month ago, there was another strike over at potomac, the workers went on strike for three days because they had just unionized. the company was threatening to call immigration the with the workers. trash was delayed during that incident but crash will still
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be picked up, even though 50 employees here are now on strike. we are told the company recently held a meeting with workers to discourage the formation of a union here. one worker, we are told, spoke out at the meeting and then we are told he was fired because of it. now 50 of his co-workers have taken to the picket line. >> for the living wage, we annual a salary, from the risk wage. we want all stuff they are being so disrespectful to us. they treat us like dogs. like we are trash. and the strike has been going on for some time. we contacted the company in regards to what is going on we
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are told union has been servicing its clients and meeting all obligations. we can report we have always provided our employees with competitive wages and benefits. we well come the return of our employees to active preliminary and will be contacting them regarding their return. but you justify heard from that employee who has only been on the job for a few months. they will stay on the picket line for as long as it takes. later today, virginia democrats will get a chance to plead their case in front of a federal judge. they want the state board of elections to reinstate nearly 40,000 voters purged from the voter rolls. the state urged county officials to purge the system based on the fact that some were registered in other states. they accuse the republican- controlled elections board of
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rushing the process ahead of next month's gubernatorial elections. some of the candidates in the 2014 governor's race in maryland will all be in the same place today. they are going to be at the maryland state education. time for another your money report. jessica doyle is off today. while the government shutdown has drowned out all the mounting problems with the affordable care act, reuters is reporting the contract to build the federal healthcare insurance website has grown from nearly $93 million to $292 million. reuters says the canadian company that built the site has
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company under scrutiny. healthcare rollout was so embarrassing the site has been active since the first of this month. it is still plagued with many problems a house panel is investigating the company and the contractment. a hearing has been scheduled for october 24th shoo a new report said funding for u.s. start ups rose more than $1 billion in the third quarter compared to last year. the number of such deals jumped 937 to just over 1000. the software industry accounted for the largest chunk of the funding and the greatest number of deals. biotechnology came in second and today's money tree study was conducted by price water house coopers and the national venture capital association. some downtown businesses felt the wrath of the shutdown almost as badly as federal workers. some food truck workers were
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ecstatic to know their customers came back yesterday. areas were crowded with workers look fog a place to eat lunch. yesterday they reopened, along the with the businesses, and the federal government workers came back and they were hungry. >> i bet they were. you know, not everything opened up yesterday. >> but the national zoo did restart the giant panda web cams. coming up, we'll tell you when the zoo
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looking at the near full moon, the full hunters moon in the month of october. actually it will be full tonight when we have also a
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partial lunar eclipse. we are looking at sunny skies today. this morning kind of cool into the 50s and some have dipped now into the upper 40s. you want to eat outside? i think you need a sweatshirt or light sweater or something. a high today upper 60s to near 70. today 70s going to be a stretch. 60s and still atlantic city or ocean city and richmond, in the upper 50s here. look to our west, all the 40s on the west side of the appalachians, cool air filtering in. 4 in germantown. 50 in laurel. great visibility on our michael and son weather camera as we are looking at washington this
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morning. the scaffolding all lit up. 58 degrees at reagan national. the barometer is going to rise up today and will be dropping tomorrow as the front will be approaching from the west. there is not a lot of moisture to work with, but it could touch off a shower later today and tonight. 5:00 p.m. nice and sunny from us toward indianapolis. here comes the second front by midnight. showers increasing toward st. louis. we are watching the system pass mainly to our south and east.
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sunday the sun will return and we'll be in fine shape sunday and monday. looking good, 6 degrees, lower to mid-40s by tomorrow morning. 60s into the 50s in some spots. 70 degrees tomorrow with the late shower. then down into the 40s. a little cooler saturday night sunday 63. as the beers are coming to down. monday starts mild, thursday highs struggle to get to 54. 18 west of route 2 at santini road, you are looking at a live picture from sky 9.
5:48 am
there were two vehicles involved and the elect trillion pole there was heavily damaged. route 18 west of route 2 at santini road, you might want to use the ic cinstead and i'll keep you posted on this situation ongoing as well. let's go over it a map. this is where we are talking about again route 198 west of route 29 in burtonsville. inbound i-66 normal this morning. we'll end with a live look on 95. i am just getting word of a crash near the fairfax county parkway. i also have an early warning for weekend metro riders. expect delays on the red line due to track work this beginning. to want at 10:00 the tacoma
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station will be closed but shutting buses will run. on another note, metro will open at 5:00 a.m. saturday for runners. a massive search is underway for two convicted killers who just walked out of a florida prison. joseph jenkins and charles walker used documents that were forged to show their releases were authorized. investigators think they had outside help to pull this off. two teenage girls were detained and accused of shoplifting yesterday in manhattan. while checking bags security guards found what appeared to be a human fetus. one of the girls is hospitalized, both are facing criminal charges. the president is going to announce his choice to head the department of homeland security. president obama is choosing jay
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johnson as the top lawyer at the pentagon. he has been an advocate for the expanded use of drone strikes in the war on terror. what was the question of the day? >> this is a survey. which tech innovation are most men excited for? >> i don't know. ca it be google glass, a self- driving car or a 4 ktelevision set? >> ed says i drive at least four hours a day, i would love a self-driving car. post your guess and comments on our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. tomorrow we'll preview the diabetes walk. what a year for movies so
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far. there is yet another one getting oscar buzz. 12 years a slave. it is based on a true story. we are going to review that film, coming up next. do you want a deal? it is friday. we have the daily deals for you right now. looking for a way to celebrate halloween. guess who has an option for you? living social is throwing a seven deadly sins halloween party in dc. $5 for general admission, $7 for vip admission. do you need to update your wardrobe? head over to google offers. the government shutdown is over and soon you are going to be up to your nose in work. relax before you have to do that. 55% off for this on
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it is friday. we are happy to welcome back usa today editor dennis moore. two movies, the first a period drama based on a real life account, it is 12 years a slave. take a look. >> i was born a free man. lived with my family in new
5:55 am
york until the day i was deceived, kidnapped. sold into slavery. >> a man does how he pleases with his property. >> again the movie is called 12 years a slave. powerful trailer. what is the movie like? >> it is an instant classic. it crushes every sinmatic stereotype about slavery from the sugar coating of gone with the wind to the satire of django unchained. everyone should see this. it is difficult to watch, but you can't take your eyes away from it. >> exactly. this is based on the life of solomon northrup. he was kidnapped from the streets of dc and wrote this after 12 years, talk about the cast. >> some people may remember
5:56 am
him, he has done a few things we have seen, he is a magnificent actor. you can see the fear in his eyes. you can see the rage, the pain. he certainly is a contender for an oscar this year. >> and the cast around him you say is stellar as well? >> absolutely you feel for them so much. the woman who plays patsy, when she begs for him to drown her because her life is so terrible, she is the sexual chat elf this sadistic plantation owner and gets lashed until her back is just bleeding, you are so, so sorry for what she is going through. but you see, on the screen, a magnificent performance. >> 12 years a slave. the next movie stars one of the actors, this is the fifth
5:57 am
estate, about wikileaks founder julian assange. >> this is more coverage than all the leaks we have had combined. we are winning an information war, which goes beyond any short-term alliance we have with the mainstream reader. you want to throw it away because you fear in u.s. government informer might come to harm? how good is the movie? >> the movie is supposed to be very dramatic. but it is really a data dump. you can only make the typing on your computer and the bar that goes across the download only so exciteling. >> so that is not a good review there, for him.
5:58 am
>> this came in with such high expectations, big reception at the tryon tow film festival. >> you can put the fifth estate on the back burden of proofer? i don't make it a second viewing. turn it back over to you mike, howard and monika. trafficwise, man, you look great. she presents it quite well. and mr. sunshine here is living up to it as well. >> no frizz alert today. >> you can't blame the weather if you are not happy here. it is going to be full later on. a hunters moon here in october, sunny and pleasant today, 65 to
5:59 am
seven. we'll see temperatures falling from the 60s, most of the high school games. showers came through last night and they are quickly well out in the atlantic. skies mainly clear here. we have skies happening think out in the mountains, temperatures west low to mid- 40s across ohio and much of kentucky. 50 in fairfax, 54 in baden this morning and 52 in college park. in laurel 4 degrees but the chill is not the big problem there, it is the traffic. here's monika, with more. >> what have i been saying the past few days? just drive, people. here is a live


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